Personalised Ride Plan

Are you feeling a little lost with your horse training?

Perhaps you require some guidance when training at home?

Adding a clear personalised Ride Plan to your training week will completly improve your riding progress.

Together, we will create a successful 4 week Ride Plan where you will gain clarity towards your riding goals. You will also have an understanding of the areas of improvement while maintaining the motivation to achieve your goals.

Each ride can now become constructive not destructive!

Get the most out of yourself and your horse with Fiona’s personalised Ride Plans.

Learn about your challenges and strengths while developing your mindset to succeed.

You will receive:

  • A personalised 4-Week Rider success plan
  • A daily step-by-step guide striding you towards your performance goals
  • Includes online support from Fiona, filled with creative riding exercises


Your tomorrow starts today



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