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Performance Mindset Program

Is fear holding you back from achieving your riding dreams?

Would you like to overcome competition nerves?

Do you always worry about what may go wrong?

Do you or your horse lose confidence and focus at your event?

Your tomorrow starts here...today

  • Imagine packing and preparing for your next event with ease
  • Imagine improving your sleep
  • Imagine driving and arriving to an event calm and focused
  • Imagine competing with confidence and focus
  • Imagine your horse performing with confidence and focus

The Performance Mindset Program, is an Innovative MP3 program that can be listened to on a smartphone or tablet (any device), any time!

The specially designed audio has been created for Competitors, by a Competitor that understood the mental pressures that arise in Horse Competition.

The advanced listening technology is designed to develop and maintain the mental skills in a performance rider…..no matter your age, or your rider level.

Riders can utilise the MP3 Audio while they are

• Training there horses to maintain confidence and focus

• Preparing and packing for an event (to avoid procrastination)

• Improve sleep

• Driving to an event to reduce nerves, self-doubt and maintain confidence and focus

• Riding at an event to balance emotions, avoid pressure and maintain confidence and focus


By maintaining and improving the above, the Rider will stay focused and calmer for longer periods, assisting in rider safety.

This energy will transfer through to the horse, not only creating a calmer and focused horse but a better connection between the two.


“It’s time to discover the true performance rider in you”

Your tomorrow starts today

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