Owning and training your horse can be a challenge……particularly during the colder months and shorter days. Plus throw in an 8 hour work day, family commitments, and daily household duties…..I totally get it!!

Owning and training your horse can be a challenge……particularly during the colder months and shorter days. Plus throw in an 8 hour work day, family commitments, and daily household duties…..I totally get it!! You see, not all competitive riders are full time pro riders…Most competitive riders work full time (mainly to pay for there passionate hobby) but it’s finding the balance between Life and Horse Riding. 

It’s quite common for riders to give up their passion and put off their dream of competing, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult. 

Below, are some of the challenges that I’ve experienced, which may arise for you from time-to-time and how best to deal with them.

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1. Work and Riding balance

Like you, most competitive riders are not professionals. They have a daytime job as well as fitting in time to ride and caring for their horse. Time management is the key to planning out your week, so it’s important to plan your week in advance and work out which days you have that you can fit in your ride and if you are better off riding in the morning or in the afternoon. Having set days makes it easier to organize your week and helps you and your horse to have a routine.

Depending on your level of competing, your horse may only require 2-3 training rides per week to keep up general fitness and suppleness.

You’ll discover some great time management ideas and training exercise tips in my 8 step show ready program

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2. Training for Competition 

In a previous article, I’ve mentioned how beneficial a wall competition calendar is. It helps you forward plan, and visually reviewing your progress each day helps you to stay on track of your plan. 

If you’re stuck for riding time, set some realistic and achievable training goals, perhaps 20-minute suppleness exercises to maintain a softer/rounded horse. Understand what transitions are required for the upcoming event and focus on these during training. 

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3. Training Horse and Family balance 

It’s Important when you’ve set a competition goal, that you’ve communicated through to your family and support network of friends. 

Plan your horse training time while the kids are doing homework, or once you’ve dropped them to their evening sporting commitments. 

Involve your family as much as possible. Perhaps they can have your horse saddled or yarded for you? Perhaps they are old enough to prepare dinner? Or perform the household duties? By delegating some duties to your family, you are not only educating them on responsibility, and offering them some general life skills, but you could introduce a pocket money incentive…win win for all!! and it will lift that guilt weight straight off your shoulders! 

4. Money / Sport

Like any sport (I remind my husband of this all the time) General riding or Competition riding can add up when you start to factor in Agistment, Feed, Farrier, Vet, Coaching, Updated gear etc, 

So, it’s important that you create an Equine budget that doesn’t cause friction when an unexpected cost arises. 

We’ve implemented one into our household and it works successfully. It doesn’t impede into the family’s general spending account, and all show entry fees, membership fees, weekly costs come out of it.  

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Too many people give up because it all seems too hard, only to regret later that they didn’t try harder.  

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REMEMBER – You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus and the support. 

Enjoy the Transition!