The Fearless & Focused Formula

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Welcome to the 28-Day Fearless & Focused Formula

Relax, Reset and Ride!

The fearless and focused formula is combined with a daily mindfulness recording for Riders, including a daily journalling exercise, plus a personalised 4-week rider plan that will have you striding towards your riding goals within 28 Days.

Our daily recordings are designed to create a calm and present rider, offering relaxation techniques, visualisation, motivation and self belief that you can reach your riding goals.

Our daily journalling prompts have been specifically designed to challenge your thoughts, creating new thoughts, how you perceive your actions, and how to deal with change. your focus.

Mindfulness for riders combined with journalling creates a healthier thinking style, which will deliver a positive mindset, productive training, and positive body reactions around your horse.

The fearless and focused 28-day formula will help you become a more positive, motivated, and confident rider, with a calm and relaxed outlook.

Remember “A positive rider = A positive horse”

Together, let’s discover the true rider in you!

  • Receive a daily mindfulness recording for 28 days
  • Simply login daily, relax and listen
  • Feel in control of your day knowing that you can change your thoughts instead of feeling overwhelmed
  • Improve your self-confidence by transforming the way that you think about yourself
  • Turn your mind into a superpower that gets you closer to your goals rather than pushing you further away
  • A step-by-step daily mindfulness guide
  • Daily Journalling prompts
  • Replacing your foggy mind with a focused mind
  • Creating new daily habits
  • Creating new beliefs that you are capable in reaching your riding goals

  • A personalised 4-week Rider success plan
  • A daily step-by-step guide striding you towards your rider goals
  • The ability to visually see your progress
  • The 4-week Rider Plan includes online support from Fiona, filled with creative riding exercises
  • Offering a section for notes, questions or how-to drawings