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Stride your way into 2020!


And just like that 2020 has arrived!!

And with it, some New Year aspirations!!

It’s that time of year where we set new goals to become fitter, healthier, compete more, improve our riding etc.

Despite our over enthusiasm on New Year’s Eve when creating these goals……. too often we wake up on new year’s day, the effects have worn off and our aspiration dies down. Worse yet, giving up on our goals means it can then have a personal guilt or failure effect right at the start of 2020!

Why does a high percentage of New Year resolutions tend to fail? • We either set a high unrealistic goal • We set a goal but aren’t sure how to start, where to start, when to start so its easier to give up • We realise that reaching our goal takes patience, takes practice and takes perseverance, and the self-motivation slowly dwindles away.

Whatever your goal is for 2020, you first have to sell it to yourself on the possibility that you can achieve it! You need to be able to feel, hear and see it deep down in your body and truly believe in achieving it.

Are you ready to put the Strides in motion so you can achieve your 2020 dreams??

1. Find a quiet place, grab a pen and paper and write down your Goals, Dreams and Desires. Better yet, download the free Goal setting worksheet available on my website or facebook page. There’s no right or wrong goal…jot down as many as you can think of. Perhaps its competing at an event, purchasing a new horse, updating your float, or improving your mindset. Whatever your dreams and desires are, It’s really important to get this stuff out of your mind and onto paper as it helps to transform the way that you think about your goals. The simple act of jotting things down not only clears your mind, but it activates the logical side of your brain and it starts working on it for you….trust me it’s well worth the effort!

2. Once you’ve created a list, rank each of your goals by number of importance. Place a No. 1 next to the goal that you think is the most important one for you to achieve, the thing you are most passionate to pursue. Keep ranking them for as many as you have. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and create your dream list. Remember dreams become a reality once you stride past your comfort zone!

3. Highlight your Top 3 Goals Re-write your top 3 2020 Goals and before placing it up on the fridge, in your tack room, float, somewhere you will read each day. Stand up and read each individual Goal out loud…. As you do, become aware of your body…..How does it feel? Are you smiling? Are you nodding? Can you see yourself achieving it? Who do you see with you? And what do you hear? As you continue gazing at your Top 3…. Which Goal felt right? Felt the most achievable? Because Congratulations!! This is the goal you are going to choose to achieve in 2020! How to Set a Goal? Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision into reality.

The process of setting goals helps you choose your new direction. Once you know what you want to achieve eg. New Horse, Coaching, Update Float etc., you’ll then know where to focus your energy. You’ll also determine any distractions that may tend to leave you astray.

Why Set Goals? Performance Riders, Athletes, and Successful business people all set goals. Setting goals gives you long-term vision and everchanging growth. By setting realistic, clearly defined goals, you can measure and take pride in the achievement of those goals, and you’ll see forward progress in what might previously have seemed a long pointless grind. This will increase your Confidence as you’ll soon realise your own ability and competence in achieving your Goals.

Excited Yet?

Tips for Setting Your Goals An achievable way of turning our goals into reality is to use the SMART method. SMART stands for: • S – Specific (or Significant). • M – Measurable (or Meaningful). • A – Attainable (or Action-Oriented). • R – Realistic (or Relevant). • T – Time-bound (or Trackable).

When writing your goal, instead of writing “new horse float”, its more powerful to use the SMART method “To have purchased a silver 2 horse angle Stallion horse float by June 30”

• Your daily task – Once you’ve created your goal, place it up on the fridge, in your bathroom, tackroom, phone screensaver… somewhere you will see and read it each day! • Create a Checklist – Crossing off items can give you a sense of accomplishment! Even if its smaller tasks that need to be put in place to reach your goal Eg. Downloading entry forms, enquiring about coaching, quotes on floats etc. • On that note, make yourself accountable! – This doesn’t mean punishing yourself if you fall off track, but it does mean having regular check ins with yourself to see how you are going. • Share your goal with others – Share your goals with your friends, family, or me! The more positive people you have motivating you and keeping you accountable, the more likely you are to achieve! • Celebrate along the way – How will you choose to celebrate your big achievement?

TIP – Write it down so you can look forward to the celebration day!

What’s also important is to start thinking about your next goal as you get towards the end! You will find it becomes a huge part of what keeps you motivated to do more and more for yourself, so make the most of this motivation and keep pushing yourself further and further!

Goal setting is about doing something for yourself!

If you feel you are unsure of your current goals, dreams and desires or perhaps you would like a coach to keep you motivated, simply reach out today and stride your way to success with Fiona –

You can download a free goal setting guide below that includes the SMART method.

Happy Riding, Fiona x

2019 EQUITANA Auckland Business Awards Finalists Announced


Equine Mind Coach are delighted to announce they are a finalist in the inaugural EQUITANA Auckland Business Awards.

“We received some quality entries across all sections and thank exhibitors for taking the time to enter.”

Equine Mind Coach will be presenting there latest program in the Technology Innovation Category – Performance Mindset Program

The Equine Mind Coach – Performance Mindset Program, is an Innovative MP3 program that can be listened to during Preparation to an event, The day of your Event, and Reflection after the Event.

The specially designed audio has been created for Competitors, by a Competitor that understood the mental pressures that arise in Horse Competition.

The advanced listening technology is designed to develop and maintain the mental skills in a performance rider. Riders can utilise the MP3 recordings while they are;

  • Training and preparing horses to maintain confidence and focus
  • Memorising dressage tests or workout patterns
  • Less stress when preparing and packing for an event
  • Improve Sleep
  • Driving to an event to balance emotions and avoid competition pressure
  • Warming up with focus and direction
  • Plus more!

The Rider will stay focused and calmer for longer periods, assisting in Rider Safety. This positive energy will transfer through to the horse, not only creating a calmer and focused horse but a better connection between the two.

Finalists will now present to our panel of three judges which include Sue Mackay (AUS), Dr Nerida Richards (AUS) and Sarah Catherwood (NZ). View the judge’s profiles here.

You can visit the EQUITANA Business awards display at stand 144 to see all our finalists, and to vote for your favourite stand! Just for voting you can win some super prizes from Tubbease, Jojobi Saddlery and NZ Horse and Pony Magazine.



Competing can become intense, stressful and challenging at times… The better you prepare yourself and your horse, the more likely you’ll have a successful outing.

Below is a Competition Checklist to assist in packing for your next event.

This will keep you organised and will reduce the anxiety on not knowing what to pack.

Please feel free to share with friends or family, and keep a copy in your float for future use. 

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be uploading footage on the items I like to pack….and why…..keep an eye out on the Equine Mind Coach – Facebook and Instagram page.

Happy Packing & most of all…Enjoy your Event!

Fiona x



EQUITANA Auckland returns to New Zealand this November! 

Following the record-breaking 20th anniversary of EQUITANA Melbourne 2018, the New Zealand EQUITANA team is proud to bring you the biggest names in equestrian sport this November.

Equitana Auckland is pleased to announce Equine Mind Coach as part of
their innovative Education Program for 2019.

Fiona Howell, founder of Equine Mind Coach will be presenting
informative seminars throughout the 4-day event in November.

“At some point, most riders experience nerves, anxiety
or a forgetful mind. Whether it’s from a previous bad
encounter or overcoming the fear of competing in front of a crowd.

You can learn how to control and overcome these nervous
behaviours and start to enjoy riding! Believing in yourself starts today,
so you can have a successful tomorrow!”

– Fiona Howell 

Four days of Equine Heaven!

With an action packed, four day schedule full of world-class education, entertainment, competition and shopping precinct EQUITANA Auckland 2019 is not to be missed!
Leading these stars is none other than:-

– 2x Olympic Gold Medalist – Sir Mark Todd
– Multi-World Title Holder and Reining Hall of Fame Trainer – Al Dunning
– 4 x New Zealand Olympian Bruce Goodin 

These legends of the horse world will be holding masterclasses and presenting during the night shows between the 21st and 24th of November 2019.

Click below to view Equitana’s 4 Day Timetable



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