Did you know life and personal growth begins at the end of your comfort zone?

Did you know life and personal growth begins at the end of your comfort zone? 

This morning I stepped out of my comfort zone and swam laps of a pool. 

Not a big deal to some people…and it was probably only a 2 out of 10 discomfort but what at first felt unfamiliar and uncomfortable, I soon found rhythm and settled my breathing….and tomorrow morning I won’t feel as uncomfortable about it yeah? That’s a small step towards personal growth! 

Your comfort zone is what’s familiar to you and what feels safe…your regular habits and routines. When you’re in your comfort zone, there’s little to no risk and you experience low levels of stress and anxiety.

So what does it feel like when you step out of your comfort zone??? 

By leaving your comfort zone, 
–  You’ll begin developing exceptionally quickly. 
– You’ll start to see results. 
– You’ll improve your skills and develop new ones. 
– You’ll become more confident and motivated.
– and you’ll experience the desire to grow more and more. 

You’ll look back at your old self and realise your old excuses were made up, minimal and absurd. 

Now based on personal experience, most of my achievements started with leaving my comfort zone….The fact is, things we want to accomplish require hard work and perseverance…..and doing so, you will fear failure, disapproval, and discomfort. 

However, once you make the decision to step out of your comfort zone and fully commit to doing this daily, you’ll experience many amazing results. 

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Remember……You can’t expect great satisfaction and contentment from easy and mediocre stuff. 
Your tomorrow starts right here today!