About Equine Mind Coach

Performance riding can be intense, stressful and challenging, but with the right tools you can achieve great success and surprise yourself with what you’re capable of.

Equine Mind Coach provides an advanced set of educational tools developed by Fiona Howell, winner of Interstate, Royal and National Stock Horse events.

Developed with performance success in mind, Equine Mind Coach is an interactive online training program pairing podcasts and webinars with training techniques and riding exercises to help you reduce nerves and overcome your fears.

Fiona offers insight into her own career and draws on her passion to coach people to walk you through the steps needed to be the best version of yourself on competition day.

Using her expertise in NLP coaching and conscious hypnosis, Fiona can help you with goal planning, mindset training, stress free creative riding exercises, increasing your awareness and communication with your horse and growing your knowledge to adapt to challenges and improve performance.

Take the first step to uncover your riding potential with Equine Mind Coach.

Feel confidence in yourself and your horse

No matter your age or your rider level, you can learn from our techniques and tips to improve your skills, confidence and competitive mindset.

If your fear or lack of confidence is holding you back from taking the step forward into competing, Equine Mind Coach is perfect for you.

Fiona will work with you to design a set of goals, develop a mindset training program, show you new skills and techniques to get the most out of you and your horses performance, and give you insights into competing at the elite levels.

Gain the confidence to say “I can do this” using advanced neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques, combining both the conscious and subconscious mind to unlock your potential, improve your mindset and emotional state.

Our horses pick up on our emotions, and by addressing your nerves, we can overcome your fears and go into competition days with confidence that will bring out the best of the horse and rider combination.

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I’m passionate about teaching people my methods on how to become successful at shows.

About Fiona Howell

From a young age, Fiona joined her parents starting young horses, spending hours riding in the bush, soaking up the action of harness outings and enjoying the best of a large horse community.

After taking an interest in the Australian Stock Horse breed, Fiona soon found a great love for competing in the ring, leading to success at the State and Royal level not long after.

Fiona spent time learning the training tools and techniques used by other horse trainers she met, and combined her passions to create a training program that developed her own young horses into Royal winners.

She currently resides in the beautiful country Victoria with her husband and her horses.

A certified practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis, Fiona has the skills and experience to assist riders of any skill level in facing their fears, discovering their challenges and improving their horsemanship performance.

- Overcome your fears
- Expand your mindset
- Discover your ‘why’
- Set important goals
- Prepare for competitions
- Break out of your comfort zone
- Improve your rider and horse awareness
- Build and sustain long term success

Fiona is passionate about sharing her experience and coaching riders so they can achieve things they’ve only dreamed of.

Offering riders personal one on one coaching, personal phone coaching, group clinics and seminars so you can reach your personal equine goals.

It's time to discover the true rider in you!