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Your transition to riding success.

Performance riding can be intense, stressful and challenging. Developed with performance success in mind, Equine Mind Coach is an interactive online training program pairing podcasts and webinars with training techniques and riding exercises to help you reduce nerves and overcome your fears.

Offering an encouraging, supportive program that pairs advanced educational tools and techniques to help you focus, unite with your equine partner and be the best you can be.

Equine Mind Coach will help you ease your worries and push past the barriers of self-doubt to create a stronger relationship with your horse and perform better than ever before.

Get the edge over your competition with tips and techniques from Equine Mind Coach in one on one sessions or with our online coaching programs. If you think something is holding you back, Equine Mind Coach will help you find and overcome it to reach your true potential.


Equine Mind Coach offers one on one coaching, phone coaching, clinics and seminars, online programs and a wealth of knowledge to learn from.

Using advanced techniques from NLP coaching and conscious hypnosis to help you see into the mindset of a State, Royal and National competitor, helping you reach higher levels of success at your own pace.

Subscribe today to gain insight into the mindset of success, gain more clarity and confidence on your horse, and achieve the goals you’ve only dreamed about.

Anything is possible if you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.

It's time to let Equine Mind Coach support you on your road to success!


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Book a clinic with Equine Mind Coach to receive these great benefits;

  • Rider & Horse assessment scale
  • Goal planning session
  • Interactive classroom segment on reducing negative emotions and creating new positive beliefs
  • Understand competition preparation
  • Improve the partnership with your horse
  • Create a solid foundation on and off the saddle that is fundamental for riding discipline
  • Relaxed and controlled transition techniques from a champion equestrian coach
  • An effective cueing system using pre cues, cues and motivators to better communicate with your horse



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